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St Paul’s on the Mill Pond in Brant lake

Service time is 8 am every Sunday with Holy Communion

St Christopher’s on Ridge Street in North Creek

Service time is 9 am every Sunday with Holy Communion

St Andrew’s right near the intersection of the Hoffman Road in Schroon Lake

Service time is 10 am every Sunday with Holy Communion, and there is also a Morning prayer service with Communion every Wednesday at 10 am, followed by a bible study.

St Barbara’s across from the health center on route 28n coming into Newcomb

Service time is 11 am every Sunday with Holy Communion

The Church of the Good Shepherd right next door to the Ice Cream parlor on main street in Chestertown

Beginning on Sunday June 17th there will be a 5 pm Contemporary service at Good Shepherd including praise music, prayer, and communion.