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Adirondack Mission As the group from our Adirondack Mission churches gathered at the Hewitt Lake Camp last year (2017) little did we know that was going to be our last hymn sing with Mr Gus Stewart present. He passed from this world at his beloved camp, surrounded by friends and family members this summer. 

we spent time on the porch sipping “bug juice” and getting to know each other. Many summer parishioners as well as year ’rounders came together…. 38 of us in all, to have great conversations of our summer adventures and challenges. We then went inside to take the time to sing some of our favorite hymns…. oh how I wish that choir we assembled would come in to church every Sunday. We then had a great meal prepared by our hosts kitchen staff, topped off by the desserts we all brought with us! Many thanks to all who made our evening at Hewitt Lake Camp a wonderful success. We have been blessed again.IMG_20160819_165119991_HDR IMG_20160819_165345295 IMG_20160819_175408077 IMG_20160819_163010615_HDR